7 ways to help you Attracts Students to your RTO.

7 ways to help you Attracts Students to your RTO.

by Gavin Howard

These days, marketing your training courses doesn’t have to cost a lot. As our daily smartphone and social media use demonstrates, modern digital technology has changed everything. And when it comes to wielding that power in ways that can save you money in getting the word out about your
training courses, it’s just as transformative.
So let’s imagine for a moment that your marketing budget is zero. It’s still possible to sell your training courses in ways that are effective simply by posting about it on social media.

Here are seven ways to help you do this:

1. Read and Research your RTO Competition

Thanks to the internet, reading about your training courses and business costs nothing – and education is the basis of everything. A great place to start is your key competitors, so check up on how they are selling their courses online and social media and have an open-mind about learning from it.

2. Spend time

Ok, so it’s true that ‘time is money’, but you’re at work anyway. So some of that time needs to be spent simply thinking about what it is about your training that people need, and more importantly why they would be better off receiving their training from your business. Crystallising that value proposition is the key to everything that follows when it comes to marketing.

3. Seek referrals

While ads can be convincing, quality student referrals are marketing gold. So when you have a happy student, ask them to consider recommending your training courses and business services to others, follow your social media accounts and share your posts. We would also recommend recognising and rewarding students for these efforts. Because those who don’t ask, don’t get.

4. Keep your students

Attracting students to your courses is hard, but keeping existing ones is so much easier. So things like email mailing lists for existing students are critical, as is tailoring some of your social media specifically top people who already buy from you. By creating quality content around your audience which will engage and encourage your audience to share these stories with their friends

5. Value the interest

One of the best features regarding social media is the unprecedented interaction – so don’t take it for granted. Engage with your student audience deeply and daily, because you can still learn a great deal even from those who are being critical or sounding disinterested.

6. Focus on your website

It’s easy to focus on social media, but how is that serving your website? Potential students who are interested in your posts will also click through to your website, so make sure your training website is functional user friendly mobile responsive and showing up in search listings by concentrating on SEO tactics. If you need some assistance with SEO just let us know, as we can help you.

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7. Use email

Snail mail is expensive and social media is free – but email marketing is still extremely effective. Emails received from being on a list especially if you can personalise these to the student (insert their name in the subject line and greeting) can be regarded by many students as more important and personal than social media, so don’t neglect it.

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