Which Facebook Ad would work better for your RTO?

Which Facebook Ad would work better for your RTO?

by Gavin Howard

So you have seen these Facebook ads right?

Well if you want to grow your business, you need to attract an audience to your website. One of the best ways to drive the traffic is to pay for advertising on Facebook. Facebook is simply the best place to advertise your courses simply because your audience- potential students, are already using this platform.

One of my favourite things to do on Facebook (apart from hanging out and learning from different groups) is to look at the way different training companies and RTO’s market and promote their courses via sponsored posts.

Here is an example of a Sponsored Facebook Ad


In the above advertisement the RTO are promoting their Human Resources course.

My question is does this advertisement encourage you to enrol in the course?

Whilst the copy at the top of the advertising talks a little about the course- that it’s Online and is Nationally Accredited that is about it.

Why it doesn’t work

I am really confused with the messaging of “Level Up Your Game” what does that actually mean? In addition the image looks like the user is writing down information for an online course- to me that just doesn’t make sense. The copy underneath talks about “independent, industry consultation and validation”- not sure if this has any relevance to the course required.

If you are going to advertise on Facebook you need to be able to “stop the newsfeed swipe” of your audience with something that is easy to understand, enticing and with a quality offer attached.

What is the solution?

Ideally you need to identify your target audience and help solve a problem or issue that they may have.

So why not change the text copy to something like

“Want to get qualified in Human Resources but too busy to attend lectures?
Our Flexible, Online Learning will help you gain your Certificate IV in Human Resources in your own time. With 7 day support available ”

To improve this advertisement- I would attach a specific and factual statement such as- 95% of our graduates have found work within the industry.
I would also update the image to a smiling student on a computer, talking on the phone.

You would then set up a landing page- One page website to obtain the potential student details


Sponsored Facebook Ad #2

facebook advertising for rtos

This is one of my favourite sponsored advertisement on Facebook so far and its popularity is huge – check out the number of shares/likes and comments based around this post.

Why do you think it is so popular?

Simply because it poses a question – Do you know enough first aid to help? and then gives the solution. It is as simple as getting the Free booklet.

What this Facebook advertisement demonstrates is that you do not need a lot of text copy for your advertising to be effective.

A good quality image
Asking a question that may be a pain point for your audience
Providing a solution

But it could still do with some improvements

So when you click “Learn more” you are then taken to a landing page where you enter your phone number. It is an interesting tactic (and after 5 hours later and still waiting for someone to call me) -however I would suggest simply for the business to just ask for an email address – so I can download and absorb this information straight away. Alternatively send me an SMS text message.

The longer we wait for someone to call me, the less impact the advertising has- As humans we need some immediate action, and without it – will lose interest and potentially they will lose a student for their next course.

This Free Booklet, Giveaway, Cheat Sheet- whatever you like to call it is what is termed in the industry as a Lead Magnet. It is like a bribe-

“I will give you something of value if you give me your email address”

It is a great marketing tactic because it works.

As a Marketing Specialist for the Training Industry this is how we can help you. Lead magnets provide you the opportunity to attract and build your potential student list, so you can continue to market toward them with unique, specials and ongoing offers.

Want to see our Lead Magnet?

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