Keeping your students engaged is paramount – here’s why

Keeping your students engaged is paramount – here’s why

by Gavin Howard

Students are your most valued marketing tool. Why? Because your training course is going to help them either embark on a new career or enhance their current one. Your training will be the transformation in their life.

And if you do, everyone will hear about it. Their confidence and skills will be on display, which will attract people to ask – where did you do your training?

Engaging training sessions

Too many times I have sat through ‘Chalk and Talk” training courses. As you know these sessions should be interactive. Ask questions. Create discussions and encourage the students to lead. It will create a vibe in the classroom which will make it impossible for students to not want to participate.

Once you have them engaged, you want to keep them there. Ensuring you are still meeting the RTO compliance requirements of assessment, bring life and creativity to your topics. Inspire the students to think outside the box by letting the creative juices flow. Once this is initiated, it will produce innovative thinking which will carry through to their workplace, as well their daily life.

Creative learning is not just for kids, it benefits adults to.

Your marketing is done!

Students who are empowered will want to share their new-found knowledge and experience. They will take to social media to discuss and broadcast.

Don’t just assume that they will post on Facebook. Ask them for a review, better still do it in the classroom, invite them to upload pics and post a testimonial regarding your training.

If you do not ask you will not get!

Whilst they will use their own social media platforms, why not create a Facebook group for your specific course? This will give them a place to chat about the course and you as the trainer, the ability to respond to any feedback, as well keep the momentum going of what they learnt. This could also be the place to promote other suitable training courses.

Success in attracting future students to your courses lies within your current students. They will be the voice and face of enticing future applicants. If your training course has engaged and transformed a student’s life, they will boast about it.

Student testimonials create conversations that reveal authentic, real life proof that successful goals were met. It reinforces that your RTO or Training Business offers training courses that are worthy and are catalysts for helping students to become smarter, successful people.

So remember, keeping your students engaged by making your training courses memorable is your goal to success.

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