Secret to Attracting Students in 2017

Secret to Attracting Students in 2017

by Gavin Howard

A lot of RTO’s and Training Business’ are missing out on one of the most important factors to attracting students into their courses. If you want to stand out in 2017 and beyond I recommend you invest some time and energy into your website content and here is why….

Your potential student audience are always searching online for information. If your RTO Training website is only focused on course information you are missing a golden opportunity to grow and attract potential new students. Before your students are ready to enrol into a training course they will be doing plenty of research about their selected career.

Research may include,

Best places to work
Benefits of working in the selected industry,
Interview tips for the selected industry

Therefore the best thing you can do is also provide this information to your potential audience.

Here is an example of how it works….

Let’s meet Sophie…. She wants to look after children and work in the Childcare Industry. Sophie is a regular user of Facebook. While scrolling there her newsfeed- she finds a Facebook post that says… ‘Should you work in the Childcare Industry? Take our Quiz

After clicking on the link Sophie is directed to their website lets call it “ ”

Sophie completes the quiz and then finds some more interesting information in another blog post.

“How can you secure a job in the childcare industry?”

The blog post contains some great ideas and Sophie is impressed with the helpful advice.

Sophie then sees and reviews another blog

“Hidden benefits to working in the Childcare Industry”

She reads this information and learns more about what the Childcare Industry involves.

Sophie then notices that “ChildCare Training” also deliver courses in her area.

Because Sophie has read this information she now believes that the RTO “ChildCare Training” knows and understands the Childcare Industry really well. “ChildCare Training” would be a great option to enrol into their next course. Sophie, submits an enquiry and then in a few days decides to enrol into the course.

For the smart RTO this happens all the time. It is major factor in how they can attract and enrol so many students. You see they understand that you need to provide some great quality content to attract the right audience. Because course information is simply not enough anymore. The way RTO’s market their courses need to go above and beyond in providing more valuable quality content. Only great quality content will encourage potential students to learn, entertain and support the decision making process. This additional quality content delivers trust and credibility for potential students and makes the decision to enrol into a course an easy one.

So what is Great Quality Content?

It usually starts with the questions potential students ask more often. Sure you may have a FAQ page on your website, however I am sure this is dedicated to questions regarding your RTO or your courses.

Infographics are another easy to digest piece of quality content. If done well the infographics will be

Easy to Digest
Unique Concepts

Here is an example of one of our infographics answering the student question of

“How to find your next Registered Training Organisation?”

How To Find Your Next RTO – An infographic by


Why does it work?

You see a lot of RTO’s deliver course information, which is expected. However understand that course information can be found on most websites so there is no way the RTO can and will stand out from the competition.

Potential students are far more savvy about their options and will more likely select and enrol with the RTO that can provide more information, guidance and insight into their selected industry. This is the reason why RTO’s need to invest in creating more great quality content around working in the industry for which the course is well suited.

For example:

8 Top questions employers asking childcare interviews
5 Hidden benefits of working in the childcare industry
How can you secure a job in the childcare industry?
Are you suitable to working in the Childcare Industry – Take our Quiz
6 Ways to make the most of your practical experience in Child care.

By creating helpful insight around these blog posts you are far more likely to convince the student to enrol into your course.


Because you understand the industry, perhaps you even specialise in the Childcare Training so why would I not enrol with you?

Great quality content which appeals to your potential students is the first step in building a relationship. As quality content establishes Trust, Experience and Credibility.

Potential Students who see that you understand the industry, are more likely to enrol into your course, compared to another RTO provider who just provides basic course information. By creating these resources and content you are also building a relationship with your audience. The content is helpful and implies that your RTO really understands the industry and more importantly that you’re there to help your potential students

But that is not where it ends….

2 Bonus’ for Great Quality Content

So whilst potential students will be more likely to enrol into your course- creating great quality content also has a couple more major benefits, which cannot be understated.

When your content is done the right way, especially with regards to keyword research and SEO friendly, it is more likely to appear in Google Search results. When it displays in Google you will automatically be attracting new visitors to your page and your business.

In addition great content is more likely to be shared among other people. The more shares your information receives the more potential links your content will receive. Your website ranking will increase in Google results- as Google prides itself on promoting great quality and more importantly helpful content.

But this is a whole other (very important) blog.

If you can start your 2017 website marketing by creating helpful, insightful and engaging content around your students biggest questions, you will go along way to making next year your best one yet.

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