How to use words and visuals that will attract students

How to use words and visuals that will attract students

by Gavin Howard

The saying goes “use your words” and sometimes the response is “why bother?”. 92% of ads and posts on social media are likely to attract some kind of engagement, but these ads don’t rely on pictures alone. It catches the eye, but you need some witty wordplay to seal the deal.


In SEO, keywords are paramount. These are the words and terms you want to get found for on the web. Utilising these in pay-per-click and Facebook ads is important. Put yourself in the shoes of the students you want to attract; what search terms will they type in? How do they relate to your RTO and the courses you offer?

Of course you want to own as many keywords as possible but there’s such a thing as TOO many. Your competitors will have monopoly over some, sure, so you’ll have to settle for second best sometimes. Take a list of words, maybe 100, and narrow it down to 20. Even 10 is a good number to settle on.

Positive language

One of the first questions people will ask is “how does it benefit ME?”.

Take the good points of your course and the organisation. Put them in the ads you run. If you have a testimonials section, even better. Word-of-mouth from previous trainees is an under-used marketing tool. When setting up a feedback section, make sure you lay out some guidelines for students to follow. The key points to cover in testimonials is the name of the course and the parts of it students found beneficial.

When running ads, you can use these testimonials to attract an audience. For example, a recent RTO graduate who’s finished a course in marketing:

Shannon, Marketing Course Graduate

“Attending X College’s Marketing Course taught me how to use keywords and understand SEO a bit better. The assignments were easy to complete because they were similar to projects I’d do in my job.”

Of course, you don’t use the whole testimonial, but one or two key sentences are all that’s needed.

For shorter ads, again, you only need one or two sentences with some keywords. Positive language will pique some interest, and finishing it off with a call to action will polish it off nicely. Here’s an example:

College X offers marketing courses that will help you achieve digital guru status without the hefty price tag. Find out more HERE.

Hashtags and references

These are also another “forgotten” tool that are great for running ads and regular Facebook posts. Hashtags on Facebook e.g. #marketingcourse act as another filter. Putting hashtags on Facebook posts act as a filter to refine results. This is done the same way on Instagram, when you want your picture to get found for something in particular.

Get some pretty pictures

Stock images are cheesy at the worst of times but some websites have really upped their game. They don’t cost the world either. The best things in life are free, right? العاب تربح منها المال Pictures included.

Some quality stock photo websites include Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay. The pictures are free to download in various sizes. Visual Hunt is another amazing resource but some of the images require attribution. This is a hassle for some who just want pictures without remembering who to reference.

When uploading images, to boost the SEO image-wise, put the keywords in the metadata. لعبة الروليت في الكازينو This way if someone does a Google search, your RTO or course with that keyword is included in the results.

In marketing, words are power. Attracting students is a difficult task when you are competing with other RTOs and colleges. بينجو اون لاين SEO is your friend, but only if you treat it fairly. Narrowing down your keywords to your niche will help. Projecting a positive image through upbeat testimonials from past students and taglines on ads will draw some interest. Hashtags aren’t just for Instagram. Using your keywords as a hashtag on Facebook will act as a filter and better reach your target audience. Finally, pictures speak a thousand words. Helped along with a good tagline and a keyword or two, hopefully a pay-per-click ad will help that student find YOU.

If this has given you food for thought, check out our other blog articles, including ‘7 ways to help you attract students to your RTO’ and ‘Facebook myths busted’. Which Training helps RTOs attract students by teaching the skills used in digital marketing strategy. This includes ad targeting, managing social media presence and how to create engaging content. Read more about what we do today.

Photo: Tweets and hashtags by Gavin Llewellyn licensed under Creative commons 4

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