5 ways to leverage content marketing for your RTO or Training business

5 ways to leverage content marketing for your RTO or Training business

by Gavin Howard

If your website is just about course content, and hasn’t been touched in the last fortnight (or even longer) you need to read this.

With ever Increasing competition in the Training Industry space means that businesses have to be more innovative about how they attract new students and clients. Unfortunately, the Training Industry space has remained largely unchanged and somewhat lagging behind other industries when it comes to content marketing. In the year 2005, all businesses were heavily encouraged to blog; however, with so much content being produced, standards are high.

The days when a CEO could just post about how their weekend went are long gone. It isn’t just what you post, but how you promote it which is important. This post delves into ways you can create and promote valuable content so that you see results for your training business.

There is also a content checklist at the end of this post to make content marketing a breeze.

1) Blogging

I speak to many RTO and Training Providers of business, and it is common to hear the words “We started a blog, but it just wasn’t working for us.” After a few questions it is clear that their blog promotion plan is weak. Publishing a post and posting it on social media is undercutting the results you can get. Whenever you publish a post, there are some important steps you need to take.

1) Post it on social media.

2) Send it out to your email list.

3) Repurpose main points as an infographic and post on Pinterest with tags.

4) Reach out to people who have blogged on similar topics and request that they share it.

5) Convert the main points into a video using Adobe Spark and promote using Facebook advertising. Add a link to the original post in the description.

6) Submit to social sharing sites such as justretweet, viralcontentbuzz and Triberr.

7) Share your post inside relevant Linkedin groups. Add a description to increase the chances of success.

8) Send the post out to influential bloggers in your training niche.

Notably, the foundation for blogging which gets results lies in great content. Read the content of people who have shared similar pieces and see how you can improve on yours before you hit publish. Buzzsumo is a useful tool for checking out posts with the highest shares by keyword. This gives you a good idea of what you have to beat.

2) Video and webinars

On average, videos have the highest engagement rates out of any content type. In fact, video creation “scares” some trainers because a significant proportion don’t like getting in front of the camera. Strange though they like to stand in front of students. Moreover, it is widely regarded as expensive. Smartphones allow us to produce high quality video with little setup. Remember it is the content which matters.

Here is an easy but effective way of creating video:

You could shoot a short video introducing what you do and how your training courses benefit students and previous student testimonials (if you have them). Using a small budget, you can promote the video on Facebook and Youtube to a targeted audience.

If getting in front of a camera sends shivers down your spine, you can use cloud video production sites such as Adobe Spark and Wevideo to create compelling content. You can mix these up with stock footage from Videoblocks to create a compelling video.

The one thing better than video is when it is live. In the past, live video was expensive and technologically challenging. Plus viewers had to jump through hoops to get it to work. Fortunately, sites such as Facebook and Google have embraced live video. It allows you to build a deeper relationship with prospects. All you need to do is build an audience on Facebook and schedule live video sessions when most of them are online. Facebook promotes live video more in the newsfeed. Moreover, once a session ends, it is converted to a video. This video can be used as extra leverage using Facebook ads.

Webinars are similar to Facebook live except that you can easily sell training resources, courses and services live. Moreover, you can record content once and use it as a webinar. In this way, the webinar becomes a perpetual student generating machine.

How to use live videos and webinars is covered in our guidebook and it is free

3) Be consistent

We live in a world filled with instant gratification, and many people don’t realise the importance of consistency. Successful RTO’s and Training Businesses weren’t built in a day, and the same goes for hugely successful content marketing campaigns. Content marketing follows a simple formula of creating exceptional content and promoting it on a consistent basis. The more you do that, the greater your reward. تعلم بوكر

In fact, Dollar shave club was bought for $1 billion after less than 2 years of activity due to their robust content marketing strategy. Consistency also allows you to build a student and client audience who will stick around and share your content. They might not enroll on a course immediately, but when they are ready, you will be top of mind.

4) Create content that solves problems

Content which get the most shares mix problem solving with entertainment. Your prospective students and clients are likely to have challenges such as concentration, anxiety about future job prospects or whether your course is a wise investment. This is your perfect opportunity to create content based on these issues.

For instance, you could interview past students who went on to receive a promotion. Alternatively create a blog post which shares “10 top ways of beating student procrastination”. لعبت البوكر Notably, content marketing is used to partially automate the lead nurturing process so that you can focus on other parts of your business.

5) Use content marketing as part of a broader marketing strategy

With online marketing, the more you do on a consistent basis, the better the results. Trainers which do well are able to focus their marketing on the needs of prospective learners. بلاك جاك كازينو Therefore, content marketing is a big piece in a slightly bigger jigsaw.

For example, an SEO campaign can help you to climb up the rankings. Online marketing can make a huge difference to your bottomline.

In conclusion, you can to grab a FREE copy of our eBook which goes into greater detail on online marketing and how you can make it work for your RTO or your Training Industry related business.

Get in touch if you would like us to map out and execute a personalised marketing strategy for your RTO or Training Business. Our prices are fair, and we have the team, knowledge and experience within the Training Industry to deliver solid results.

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