Facebook Marketing

Facebook has changed how we market online. You can now leverage every piece of information you have about your target audience to generate student and client ready to enrol and book your training.

Lead Generation –Facebook

For the RTO or Training Specialist who has a locked in enrolment and sales process and would like a “Done for you” service to attracting prospective students in the door.

We would work with the RTO or Training Specialist to properly identify the target  students/client audience and the course(s) to advertise each month.


Creation of Lead Generation campaigns on Facebook that will be targeted to specific  student groups, courses or other target markets that the RTO or Training Specialist  desires.

The goal of the Lead Generation is to obtain client details such as: Student Name,  Email, Phone Number and Visa Status if required.

When we have this information we will build our marketing strategy to include the  following deliverables: 

  • Landing Page Creation for each course / target student.
  • Ads creation (including image + ad copy).
  • Ads implementation and ongoing management.
  • Including any work necessary to get the best results for your RTO and Training  Business.


Facebook Ads – ­

For the RTO or Training specialist who wants to get their feet wet in the digital world.  This would be a general campaign targeted at increasing your exposure within the local  community with a focus on – reach (impressions) and building a larger audience  following on Facebook.

This would include promotion of any organic posts and open days that the RTO or  Training Specialist may have coming up.

These Facebook Ad Campaigns are specific related to events, courses and ongoing  activities of the RTO. Our Facebook ads are more about building awareness and  enhancing your branding of your business on Facebook.

Whilst they do not focus as much on generating leads (this usually becomes a by  product of each of our campaigns) but more branding and awareness.